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In which I’m called a “Phoney”

When I first thought about making a supplemental blog post for the Yda Hillis Addis video I thought I would make it about how inappropriate it was that her ex-husband did not recuse himself while charging her with crimes. However, that is not what this post is going to be about. It’s going to be about someone claiming that I plagiarized their writing.

Information blocked out for obvious reasons.

[Also, don’t plug in that link, just look up Wicked Legends Yda Addis.] Yes, if you add a link in a comment on my videos it will send the comment into the spam section. [For the record I looked up how to pronounce Yda and went with what the internet gave me.] This is not the only “feedback” they left for me.

Great. Also it’s spelled p-h-o-n-y.

I know that I didn’t plagiarize this person, I always link all of the sources I use in the video description and their books weren’t anything I had read. Just based on their comments, I don’t think I could have finished one of their books if I wanted to.

Yes, I followed the link and checked out what they were claiming. Their books include a small intro of Yda Hillis Addis and then just reprints of Yda’s work. The other book they published is one in which they are the author, but there is a narrator? But I’m the one with no original work.

I know that they did not watch my video because if they had they would know that there was no plagiarism. In fact, if they had watched my video they would have the ability to comment and add more information on Yda because some of these books allege shit like ‘she might have been clairvoyant or a psychic’. But really in one of their books, they do allege to have a lot more information than I was able to find about Yda in my research. How credible that is 🤷.

But let’s talk about this link. Here’s a helpful article I found on how to spot an affiliate link. Yeah. They posted an affiliate link to their own book. Which leads me to my own conclusion that their book sales aren’t going well so they’re attacking a video on Yda Hillis Addis and add their affiliate link so they can get more $$$ out of any sales. Also, you can’t just throw up an affiliate link without disclosure. Meaning they’re in direct violation of the affiliate program…

Gotta read that TOS

There’s only one other video on YouTube right now that has Yda Hillis Addis in it. It’s some top ten video that claims she escaped from an insane asylum, also that she shot her attorney? It’s just… Like if you listened to a story about someone and only pulled out buzzwords. But it’s one of those has a million subscribers, and posts shit content that is wrong because they can. Oh boy is this exhausting.

Image result for face palm tng
They just keep spreading misinformation for ad-rev.

I’m such an annoyed bitch that I actually thought about opening my next video with “Heeey everyone it’s me, the phony, coming back at ‘cha again with another “plagiarized” video. Let’s get to itt” insert obnoxious horn noises. But anyway, I’m sure I’m awful at somethings myself, but I am not a plagiarist.


3 thoughts on “In which I’m called a “Phoney”

  1. Yeah, when you have an Amazon affiliate account, you have to disclose what websites you own to Amazon, and those are the only sites you can post links to. Also, when you post links you have to disclaimer it ahead of time and in detail. Amazon gives you a template you can use that is basically a “form letter”.

    What a twat.


  2. If you put anything up on the Internet you’re bound to run into some confused random person eventually. Probably best to try to ignore them for now.

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    1. You’re right. They keep commenting on the video though. This time they’re saying I got everything wrong.


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